Massimo Turlinelli primo piano

Massimo Turlinelli was born in Fermo, where he attended the Art Institute and obtained a diploma in Applied Art. He finishes his studies in Florence; here he graduated in Architecture and he has been working as a teacher at the Alberti Art School.

Massimo Turlinelli is one of the few artists who works in polychrome pencil: he marks the relationships between shapes and space with pencils, a particular technique that makes the colors so vivid and bright that the eye perceives them as paintings. His works are complex creations that require a long working time, and in which Turlinelli often seems to want to draw attention and reflect on the events that accompany the existence of each one and that are common to the artist himself.

We can say that a certain expressive evolution is recognized in Turlinelli's work. A descriptive period in which the author focuses on views of the Marche and Tuscan countryside, follows a phase in which nature is always dominant but with clearly symbolic contents and deeper meanings. Subsequently there is a marked reduction of descriptive writing in favor of a more decisive essentiality, to arrive, after a journey in the metropolitan dimension in which his pines and cypresses are contaminated by elements drawn from Street Art, to explore the world of monochrome, through works with a strong visual impact, forever abandoning the ancient landscape now lost in the absolute intensity of color.