Massimo Turlinelli, painter and architect in Florence, innervates his images 'at the tip of a pencil', framing them in three basic colors: yellow, red, blue, and in real, ideal, and dreamlike landscape contexts, designed to tell an archetypal fable inclined to a strenuous elegance for the rarefied intellectualism that it proposes, with a moderately neoplatonic flavor, where there is no lack of 'vis morale' for the symbolic and ideal Edenic allusiveness, in which the rhythmic drawing theme appears decisive to us, for the structural possibilities that unfold between value essentially melodic, in areas of delicate color and articulated dialectical structure. And this is how the figural reality from which the artist moves, becomes intellect, contemplation and therefore an idea, an idea capable of representing icons and also types rooted in the depths of the human soul, always in symbiotic contact with the cosmos, according to a secret, but yet communicable and reworkable, intuition, in total freedom, made it with the 'pencil tip' technique. An epistemic trace, therefore, which must be evaluated according to three autonomous components: pragmatics, semantics, syntactic, in order to obtain a visibility tending towards Unity, while evocation, as memory, serves to achieve the liberation of life everyday and existential with useless frills, as can be seen from the essentiality of the design and a clear, harmonious and polychromatic color, where the dream ignites the poetic imagination, in the user, in a magic of light. We are certainly facing an innovative artist in terms of techniques and themes, who has created a lot and still has a lot to say.