It's really rare to find an artist like Massimo Turlinelli who creates, with pencil and pastel, works whose result is similar to the use of oil or acrylic colors. Smooth and translucent backgrounds, from extreme expertise, aimed at recovering and bringing to full light the deep icons of the soul. Because of this: icons brought out with the patience of the sign that has become a drawing which, for the artist's inner alchemy, resolves the essentiality of the stroke and the urgency of color, typical of the graphic process, in real pictorial backgrounds. The atypical procedure thus gives rise to an astonishing expressive singularity in which the control of the medium exercised over the time of the creation of the work is a function of the focusing of the images raised by an external world entirely absorbed and metabolized as a figuration of a movement of consciousness within the subconscious. Given this appreciation of the expressive technique, although just anticipated, it is clear that the artist moves in a surrealist environment, not without disturbing symbols of double significance such as the bifid mause follicles or like the masculine and feminine trees that follow dynamic space relational. The result is a universe which, to the attentive eye of the observer, denounces the need for redemption, as if to say that these icons do not belong to the world of dreams but to a more conscience of the artist who lays bare with his allegories what lies beneath the aesthetic equivalent of modern life, thus recomposing with his assiduous work, in the synthesis of a contact contrast, beauty and truth.