01 | 18 agosto 2019
Piccole Cisterne Romane
Largo Calzecchi Onesti

Massimo Turlinelli exhibits for the first time in "his" Fermo. In the exhibition, entitled Abstractions, at the Piccole Cisterne Romane, the artist from the Marches - but in Florence more than forty years - presents a selection of works ranging since the early 2000s to the most recent, in 2019. A retrospective where the visitor can follow a path by encountering both color and monochromatic works, all characterized by the very personal technique that makes this painter / designer unique in his genre. Massimo Turlinelli is, in fact, one of the few artists who works in polychrome pencil, making rigorous the design of the architecture of all his works. With Turlinelli pencils he marks the relationships between shapes and space, while the colors, so intense that the eye can sometimes perceive them as paintings, change as they are juxtaposed or superimposed. It takes a long time to create these complex representations in which Massimo Turlinelli seems to want to recall our reflection on events that accompany the existence of each of us and that are common to the artist himself. We can say that in Turlinelli's work, which, we recall, had Giuseppe Pende as his teacher but who for him was above all the mentor who stimulated his aesthetic sensitivity, different expressive phases are recognized: an initial and very descriptive one, where the artist focuses on views of the Marche or the Tuscan countryside; a much more conceptual phase follows in which Nature always predominates which, however, hides deep meanings, with clearly symbolic contents (famous are its floating pines or dissected cypresses); in the following period a reduction of the detailed writing is affirmed in favor of a decisive essentiality: here the artist focuses on the mental process that organizes the restitution of the vision, finding the deeper truth in the interpretation of his own experience. In the works created since 2017, graffiti has attracted the attention of Massimo Turlinelli: the walls of contemporary metropolises invade his canvases and then break down into further new works with a strong visual impact in which the absolute intensity of color stands out.

The exhibition abstractions, which enjoys the patronage of the Municipality of Fermo, is free to enter.

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