curated by Nunzio Giustozzi

Palazzo dei Capitani - Sale del Trivio - Piazza del Popolo
Ascoli Piceno
28 agosto - 13 settembre 2016

Massimo Turlinelli, contemporary artist, born in Fermo in 1955, returns to Ascoli Piceno after a solo show, hosted in the "Sala Esposizioni Rinascita" in May 2005. In the exhibition "Another Nature", sponsored by the Municipality of Ascoli Piceno and supported by Caran d'Ache, which will take place at the Palazzo dei Capitani, in Piazza del Popolo, since 28 August to 13 September 2016, Turlinelli will exhibit a production ranging since the early 2000s to the last experimental works of 2015/2016. A retrospective divided into 5 sections, as many as the Sale del Trivio, where the visitor will follow a path encountering the works (mainly of square format) grouped according to themes so called: monochrome, landscape, abstraction, experimental and surreal. Massimo Turlinelli is one of the few artists who works in polychrome pencil, making rigorous drawing the architecture of all his work. Using exclusively red, yellow and blue pencils from the famous Swiss House Caran d'Ache, the artist marks the relationship between forms and space; while the colors, so intense that the eye sometimes perceives them as paintings, change as they are juxtaposed or superimposed.

"Compared to the ephemeral and abstruse manifestations of contemporary art, Massimo Turlinelli's paintings celebrate a conscious, necessary and expected return to Nature. - reports Nunzio Giustozzi, archaeologist and art historian as well as curator of the exhibition - The amazement, the charm towards the spectacle of Creation, of Beauty is at the origin of his sensitivity, at the same time Aristotelian 'wonder', the foundation of knowledge, because art knows how to make visible what is not always visible, participating in the genesis of the world. from the visual and emotional experience to invest his 'landscapes' with meanings, to create therefore, like a skilled demiurge, another Nature, in a delicate balance between rule and feeling, deeply convinced that the Sublime does not reside in the object, in the external fact but in the mood of the judge. " The exhibition, which will open on Sunday 28 August, 4.30 to 7.00 pm, will have a catalog available at the Rinascita Library in nearby Piazza Roma.

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Massimo Turlinelli with one of his monochrome works
exhibition, room detail
exhibition, room detail
exhibition, room detail
exhibition, room detail
exhibition, room detail
exhibition, room detail
exhibition, room detail

"Being doesn't mean to appear but to stand out, and the distinction occurs when your personality's recognizable among billions of people. There are'nt possible connections or links to what the world and its history has taught us, there's only a profound and unique expression form, projected into a tomorrow that nobody knows. Massimo Turlinelli, like it or not, is him. Massimo Turlinelli, he's able to caress the present in the imposition of the future."
Fausto Brozzi